You may want to share this information with your participants and guests. Because of construction for the UTA Bus Rapid Transit System, the University Parkway exit from I-15 through Orem and Provo may have construction delays and heavy traffic. For those wishing to use this new Rapid Transit Bus system, there is a bus stop directly north of the Harman Continuing Education Building at approximately 730 East University Parkway next to a traffic light.

Patron parking in lot 20 is located west of the building. Please adhere to parking sign instructions. The entry points to lot 20 are located at 700 East University Parkway, 730 East University Parkway, or by the Marriott Center at 450 East Campus Drive.

This parking area is about the first 3 rows of parking spaces. Heritage Halls student housing parking includes rows 7-13 of the lot. Additional patron parking is available in rows 1-6. Please note that parking spaces in Lot 23 are designated for BYU employees who work in the Harman Building and Conference Center and are not available for student, patron or guest parking from 7 am-4 pm.

New Entrance Points:

The Harman Continuing Education Building Addition has an entrance point east of the parking area, providing access to both the Harman Building and Conference Center. When entering the Harman Building, the Conference Center will be up one floor and to the south. Another entrance is on the south end of the Conference Center, which has a small flight of 12 stairs and a ramp to the Conference Center doors. Once you enter at the lower level, there are interior stairs on the south and north end of the hallway, and the elevator located at the north end of the hallway. A large touch screen panel is found in this entrance with a listing of scheduled groups and room numbers to help locate your event.

We share this information so you are aware and prepared for how this may affect your group.